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How To Remove Ice Dams

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Ice dams, which are caused by melted snow that re-freezes on your roof, can be very damaging to your roofing structure. They can cause damage to your roofing shingles, the gutter, and the downspouts. They look like large pieces of ice or icicles and can cause cracking of the roof, which then leads to a leak inside your home and even more problems. Here are some tips to remove ice dams before they cause severe damage. Remove Ice Dams There are a few different methods you can use to remove ice dams from your roof. The first is to stand on the...

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Safety Considerations For DIY Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

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If you have advanced DIY home repair skills, then you can safely tackle the job of replacing your garage door’s torsion springs. However, this is not a job for the faint at heart, and it isn’t a beginner’s DIY task. The reason is because torsion springs are under tension and you can seriously injure yourself performing this repair. Don’t Operate a Garage Door with a Broken Spring Operating a door with a broken spring can be a hazard both to you and to the garage door itself. The torsion springs attached to your garage...

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Considering Foam Roofing? Make Sure You Know The Truth

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Spray foam roofs have been around for decades, but they’re becoming increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to an increased interest in energy efficiency and sustainable building materials. The insulating effects of spray foam really can help keep energy bills down. However, a  lot of other facts that you think you know about foam roofs may be false. Before you have a foam roof installed, it’s important that you know the truth. You can walk on a spray foam roof. Many people fear that they won’t be able to walk on a...

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Removing Flood Water From Your Basement

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If you have had your basement fill up with water from a rainstorm or a flooding body of water, you will want to work swiftly in removing the water before it damages the interior of your home. Leaving water can cause drywall to crumble and wood to deteriorate. Here are some instructions you can use as a guideline in removing water and getting your home back to its pre-flood state quickly. Be Safe In The Process Check to make sure that the main power source is shut off so there is no chance of someone becoming injured from water getting inside...

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4 Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet

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Keeping your carpet clean is important to help it last longer. You may also find it more motivating and pleasurable to have flooring that is clean and attractive. It’s critical to do routine carpet maintenance to assist in helping your carpet continue to look good over time. Knowing specific tips for getting this job done effectively and quickly may motivate you to keep your carpet looking great at all times. Tip #1: Avoid rubbing stains If you spill coffee or drop food on the carpet, you should avoid harshly rubbing the spot. Doing so...

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Learn How To Make A Dog House Using Concrete Blocks

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Making your dog a warm dog house to stay in during cool nights does not have to be overly difficult. You can make a great dog house for your dog using concrete blocks, insulation, plywood, and mortar. The following guide will walk you through the process of building a great dog house for your pampered pup. Supplies You’ll Need 20 Concrete Blocks A Roll of Insulation A Bag of Mortar Water A Wheelbarrow A Trowel A Knife A Shovel Flatten the Ground The first thing you need to do is select where you want to position the dog house in your...

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3 Surprising Reasons To Always Have A Professional Company Clean Your Home’s Windows

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Clean windows offer many benefits for homeowners; rooms are brighter and lighter as the windows allow in more light, and the entire space can seem cleaner. It’s good to clean your windows before you put your house on the market and after the winter or rainy season. However, for your own safety, have a professional company clean your home’s windows for you. There are also other benefits to hiring a professional contractor for this job. Consider a few of those here. 1. Ladders need to be at a specific angle against your home Did you...

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Holiday Mishaps: How To Remove Red Wine From Your Carpet

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There is nothing quite like gathering with family and friends to enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine before settling around the tree to open gifts. That is of course, until someone inevitably spills their red wine all over your white carpet. Suddenly, what started out as a nice holiday celebration has turned into an expensive carpet cleaning bill. Thankfully, it is possible to enjoy everything your family has to offer at the holidays without worrying about the expense of cleaning up behind them. This is because by following the simple steps...

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