3 Surprising Reasons To Always Have A Professional Company Clean Your Home's Windows

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Clean windows offer many benefits for homeowners; rooms are brighter and lighter as the windows allow in more light, and the entire space can seem cleaner. It's good to clean your windows before you put your house on the market and after the winter or rainy season.

However, for your own safety, have a professional company clean your home's windows for you. There are also other benefits to hiring a professional contractor for this job. Consider a few of those here.

1. Ladders need to be at a specific angle against your home

Did you know that in order to be secure, ladders need to be set at a specific angle against your home? Putting the ladder too upright can cause it to fall away at its top, and if the angle is too steep, the feet of the ladder can slide out from underneath you. A professional contractor is instructed on how to properly set the ladder against your home for maximum security and stability.

2. Using equipment on a ladder is harder than it looks

Climbing a ladder itself is very dangerous for homeowners but using equipment when on a ladder is even more dangerous. When you clean your windows, you will need to hold a bucket and squeegee and will be leaning around or over the ladder. This just adds to the danger of trying to clean your windows on your own, but without that proper equipment, you won't get your windows cleaned in the first place.

3. The wrong equipment and supplies can actually damage your windows

It's never good to clean windows with paper towels and rags as these can actually scratch and etch the glass. You may not be able to see these scratches, but they can cause damage and allow dust and dirt to settle inside. In turn, your windows may wind up looking dirtier over time, and the dust and dirt that settle can cause even more etching and scratching. You may eventually need to get your windows replaced because you won't be able to ever get them clean.

The wrong equipment and supplies can also leave a film on your windows that makes them look dull and drab. This film too can thicken with each wash and be more difficult if not impossible to actually clean and remove.

To get your windows cleaned properly, it's good to call a professional. This will ensure the job is done right and ensure your own safety as well. Talk to a company like Clearview Maintenance Co. for more information. 


26 December 2014

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