Learn How To Make A Dog House Using Concrete Blocks

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Making your dog a warm dog house to stay in during cool nights does not have to be overly difficult. You can make a great dog house for your dog using concrete blocks, insulation, plywood, and mortar. The following guide will walk you through the process of building a great dog house for your pampered pup.

Supplies You'll Need

  • 20 Concrete Blocks
  • A Roll of Insulation
  • A Bag of Mortar
  • Water
  • A Wheelbarrow
  • A Trowel
  • A Knife
  • A Shovel

Flatten the Ground

The first thing you need to do is select where you want to position the dog house in your yard. The area needs to be as flat as possible and then use a shovel to make it completely flat. This will ensure that the house has as sturdy of a base as possible.

Mix the Mortar

Pour the mortar into the wheelbarrow and mix it with the appropriate amount of water listed on the bag. Use the trowel to mix the ingredient together until they reach the consistency of oatmeal.  

Create the Base

Place two concrete blocks next to one another with the short edges placed side-by-side one another. Add blocks at the outer edge of each block. At this point the blocks should be laid together to create a formation that looks like a "C". Next, add one parallel to the first row of blocks you created. The formation will take the shape of a "G" once you are finished. Fill the spaces in the blocks with insulation and then top the blocks with mortar.

Create the Walls

Stack blocks on top of the base that you created, fill them with insulation, and then add another layer of mortar to the top of them. Add another row of blocks on top of the second row, fill it with insulation, and finish the wall with mortar on the top.

Create the Roof

Use the saw to cut the piece of plywood in half. Lay one piece of plywood over the walls that you created. Lay insulation on top of the board and then place the other half of the board on top of the insulation. Use the last few blocks to anchor the boards on top of the walls to create the roof of the dog house.

The dog house will be able to withstand the elements while still keeping your dog warm and cozy. The concrete blocks are very inexpensive, so that you can build a large or small dog house without breaking your bank. Contact a company like Show Low Block Co Inc for help with getting the blocks you'll need for the project.


3 January 2015

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