How To Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

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If you own a central air conditioning unit, you need to maintain it properly in order for the unit to do its job and last for many years to come. Just because the air conditioning unit sits outside of your home does not mean you should ignore it. But sometimes out of sight means out of mind, so take the time to practice some of these maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner in top shape and more energy efficient.

Plants and Foliage

Even though you love the job that your air conditioner does, there's do doubt that you do everything you can to hide it from view. Planting foliage and installing trellises are a great way to hide the unit. However, in order for air conditioners to work properly they need a decent amount of air flow on all sides.  Therefore, it's recommended that objects and landscaping be placed about three feet or so away from the air conditioning unit. Clean up debris and leaves regularly, and trim back the foliage from time to time. 

Cleaning the Unit

It's a good idea to clean your unit from time to time. The condenser pulls in air and debris and pollen can cling to the exterior. This can restrict the airflow and cause your unit to not work as efficiently. Use a pressure washer to clean down the unit a few times during the season. 

Regularly Change the Filter

Part of maintaining a central air conditioning unit is maintaining the airflow. One of the most important jobs in order to do that is making sure you change your filter regularly. Most filter packages state you should change the filter every three months or so, but it really depends on how often you run the air conditioner, and how dirty the air is. During the hotter months you'll want to check the filter on a regular basis. It's an easy process and one that is very important to the overall maintenance of your unit. 

Check Air Conditioner Coils

Just like the filter, the evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over time. The evaporator coil is kept clean when the filter is clean. Even so, the coil will still collect dirt, reducing the airflow. Check the evaporator coil once a year and clean as necessary.

The  condenser coils will also become dirty if there is growing foliage nearby. Check the coil and clean as necessary. Talk to a professional like FSM Comfort Solutions for more information.


2 February 2015

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