Enjoy The View Of The Outdoors From Your Kitchen With A Quick Renovation

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Do you have a beautiful view from your kitchen and want to open the kitchen a bit so that you can enjoy it? Many times, the walls in a kitchen are covered with cabinetry since most homeowners and builders focus on adding as much storage in the room as possible. Here, you will learn how to open the view in the kitchen without sacrificing all of that storage space that you need.

Select the Perfect Window

Before you begin ripping down cabinets and making big plans, start looking at the window designs available. Do you want a large picture window that will showcase the outdoor scenery, or maybe a bay window that can hold some home-grown herbs? It is possible for you to find over-sized bay windows with glass shelving to make it easy to grow an extensive herb garden or display your glassware or other dishware.

Why should you choose the window first? Because the whole reason you are renovating your kitchen is to enjoy the stunning view outside. This will be the focal point of the space, so it should be the one element that you work around to make the rest of the kitchen work.

Replace the Lost Storage

One way to replace the storage that is lost by removing the wall cabinets is by installing a kitchen island with a breakfast bar. You will increase the amount of counter space and under-counter storage you have in your kitchen and gain a new place to sit and enjoy the view as you sip your morning coffee.

If your kitchen is not very large, it is still quite possible to include a center island in the room. If you have a difficult time finding the perfect island for your kitchen, you can talk with your local cabinetry contractor. He or she will be able to design an island that will custom fit your kitchen and coordinate nicely with the existing cabinetry. It is quite possible that he or she will be able to take the materials from the cabinets that you removed and use it to rebuild the island.

Utilize the Ceiling

An overhead hanging pot and pan rack or utensil rack can go a long way in making the kitchen efficient and beautiful. Some of the racks available are made with lighting included in the design. This type of fixture can eliminate the need for more lighting and provide you with the additional storage that you need once the wall cabinetry has been removed.

Talk with your local contractor such as Treasure Valley Seamless Siding to learn more about opening your kitchen to the wonderful outdoors. You can add charm, light and enjoyment to your kitchen just by removing a few cabinets and installing a big, beautiful new window.


3 March 2015

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