3 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Can't Live Without

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In most parts of the United States, spring is right around the corner. For many people that means spring cleaning! Whether you dread this time of year or embrace it, cleaning hacks can help streamline the process. Below are 3 spring cleaning hacks you can't live without this year. Incorporate them into your cleaning routine and your home will be sparkling clean in half the time it normally takes you.

Cleaning Your Oven Glass

Spring cleaning is all about getting into those nooks and crannies that otherwise get overlooked over the course of the year. If you use your oven regularly, you have probably noticed the buildup between the pieces of glass on your oven door. Grime on your oven window can make a perfectly clean kitchen go from sparkling to grungy in no time. Don't let that dirty window drag down your clean kitchen a day longer. To clean between the glass all you need is glass cleaning wipes, some rubber bands, a hanger and a little elbow grease.

Your first step is to create a window cleaning contraption. Start by straightening your hanger and attaching your glass cleaning wipe securely to the hanger with your rubber bands. Next, remove the warming drawer to your oven.  Once removed, lay on your back so you are looking at the bottom of your oven door. You will see open slots from this position. Simply insert your cleaning contraption through these open slots and start wiping! You'll have clean glass in a matter of minutes.

The Ultimate Duster

Dusting is part of most people's regular cleaning routine. Dusting those hard to reach areas, like the corners of ceilings and ceiling fans, is another story. Because they are so hard to access, cleaning them is usually not a priority. Luckily, this is an extremely easy fix.

To clean ceiling fans all you need is a step ladder and an old pillow case. Put the open end of the pillow case over each fan blade, clamp down with your hands, and pull the pillow case toward you. This catches all the dust in one easy motion. Repeat on all the blades until your fans are dust-free.

For corners where cobwebs have made themselves at home, all you need is a broom and a microfiber rag. Attach the microfiber rag to the bristles of the broom with an industrial size rubber band or even a headband (to be thrown away after). Once the rag is secure, use your long broom to dust away any cobwebs and to spruce up any dusty crown molding.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Since dryer vents aren't something you see on a regular basis, knowing when and how to clean them may not even cross your mind. These vents should be cleaned annually to prevent buildup, reduce wear and tear on your dryer and reduce fire danger. To clean your dryer vent on your own, you will need to purchase a vent cleaning kit from your local hardware store.

To clean your dryer vent you must unplug it first. Once unplugged, move it away from the wall to access the dryer vent. With a screwdriver, remove the necessary screws to unhook the vent from the wall. With your vent cleaning kit, you can begin pulling out the lint buildup. Once everything you can see has been removed, reconnect the vent with the screws and plug your dryer back in.

If you are nervous about tackling a big job like dryer vent cleaning, don't be afraid to call a professional like Restoration Klean. They'll have your ducts cleaned out in a matter of minutes. Don't let the little projects like a grungy stove or dusty crown molding hold you back from having a spotless house!


11 March 2015

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