How To Use New Green Windows To Create An Eco-Friendly Zero-Energy Home

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A "zero energy" home is one where the net energy it takes to keep the household running is zero. This means that you don't need to draw any energy from outside of the home, and all of the energy is generated from inside the home. If you're looking for ways you can use new window technology to help you achieve a zero energy household status, here are a few options:

Solar Windows

Solar panels aren't just for the top of your roof, although they should go there too since you're going to need all the help you can get in order to achieve zero energy status. But, there's new green tech out there that can turn some of your windows into solar energy generators. 

One of the advantages of doing it this way is that the approach is completely non-intrusive. After all, the point of having a zero-energy home is to have as little negative impact on your environment as possible. 

If you have a giant wind turbine in your backyard that cuts up half the birds flying through the area, this whole process is going to be self-defeating. This is also a problem with some hydroelectric systems as well since they can destroy local aquatic ecosystems, for example. 

But solar windows are completely non-intrusive and non-disruptive to local wildlife. The system makes use of organic molecules that naturally absorb certain wavelengths of sunlight that are invisible to the human eye. 

The organic molecules that absorb this energy start emitting infrared light, even though humans still won't be able to see it. This energy will then be absorbed by photovoltaic cells located at the edges of the window. 

This means that this type of window can convert solar energy into electricity without creating a lot of bothersome light that could disrupt people and animals alike in the process.

Energy Efficient Windows

For replacement windows that aren't ideal for collecting solar energy, you can use technologies that help make windows more energy-efficient in general. In order to make a zero-energy house, you need to not only create positive energy, but also avoid energy loss. 

There are technologies emerging now that allow for a special window film that helps increase efficiency without disrupting your view, for example. The technology works by using tiny capsules with only vacuum space inside. 

Since vacuum space is a bad conductor, this will make it much more difficult for heat to find its way out of your house when you want it to stay in during the winter. The same will also be true for keeping the cold air in during the summer. 

These capsules are invisible to the naked eye, so they won't be an eyesore either. You'll be able to use the new film on windows just like you use traditional tinting.This technology, when combined with existing low-emission window tech, will be able to make windows as much as 80 percent more efficient. This will go a long way to helping your zero-energy goal.


17 April 2015

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