4 Tips For Choosing The Best Flooring To Use For An Outdoor Dog Run


Getting a dog run installed in your backyard is a fantastic way of having a secure space for your dog to spend time outdoors, but some carefully planning is necessary in order for the run to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard. If you're concerned with how to have a dog run that looks great in your yard and is still very functional for your dog, consider some of the following five ideas for choosing the best paving possible.

Opt for Poured Concrete to Save Money

The most economical choice for flooring to use in a dog run is poured concrete. One of the reasons why concrete is so popular is due to the fact that it's easy to pour on your own and can be finished in just a few days of hard wood and without much cost.

Along with the ease of installation, it's beneficial that the concrete can be sprayed down and cleaned without any trouble, making it ideal for a dog run.

Try Paving Stones for the Best Aesthetic Look

If you're not a fan of concrete in your backyard, you may want to look into using paving stones. While this type of paving can be more difficult to keep clean when using in a dog run, it's a much better choice if you're concerned with appearances. Try choosing paving stones that don't stain easily and look into what will be used as filling between the stones for easy cleanups.

Avoid Bark and Loose Gravel

Many people look into using both gravel and bark for dog runs, but this can be problematic for many reasons. While they may be affordable to use in a dog run, your dog will likely try to dig through this kind of flooring and end up making a mess of the dog run.

Use Artificial Turf if You Want to Add Grass

If you're set on incorporating grass with the paving inside the dog run, it's best to use artificial turf due to its sturdiness. Not only does real grass get destroyed easily if your dog enjoys digging, it can also die quickly from urine. By using artificial turf instead, your dog will have cool grass to lay on and you won't need to worry about maintenance and watering.

As you plan out the design of a new dog run, it's important that you make practicality and appearance your two priorities. With the tips above in mind, the final result will look great and be an ideal space for your dog to use when in your yard. To learn more, try contacting a company like Interstate Paving LLC for help on knowing what to install and how much it will run you.


4 June 2015

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