Emerging Eco-Friendly Methods For Cooling A Building Without Sacrificing Power

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People who are focused on cooling their buildings in an eco-friendly way often have to settle for much slower cool times since the new methods often aren't as powerful as traditional methods. Fortunately, there are a few emerging methods that let you have plenty of both eco-friendliness and power.

Weak Power Issues with Many Eco-friendly Cooling Systems

An example of an eco-friendly cooling system is something like a ceiling fan. But this system cools down a room rather slowly, and it's often only able to cool a room by a few degrees. Many other systems work by simply turning the air conditioning off more often.

These approaches are often not going to be nearly enough in the hot summer heat, especially if you live in a particularly warm climate. But this doesn't mean that you have to deal with being too hot if you want to have a greener building.

Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioning

The sun is probably not the first thought that enters your mind when you think of cooling down your building. But solar energy can be used to power anything. Advances in HVAC tech are using a hybrid approach to cut peak electricity use of air conditioners by combining traditional approaches with solar systems.

This way, when the sun is at its hottest and the need to cool a building is at its strongest, the solar panels will also be pulling in the most energy. This energy could cut peak electricity costs for cooling a building by as much as 90% according to Cnet. The system will run more normally during non-peak hours.

This way, no cooling power is sacrificed since the regular system is still running, but the largest drain on energy during the hours with the most sun is cut dramatically. Some of these systems also bring in cool air at night and then trap it inside when the outside air heats up during the day.

Ice-powered Air Conditioning

In the old days, ice made in cold places and then shipped to warm places was basically the only way to keep anything cool. These days, hybrid systems are taking advantage of a similar principle. Essentially, the ice-cooling system works by exposing water to cool temperatures at night in order to freeze it.

Then, during the day, the ice helps to cool traditional moving through a tank in a traditional air conditioner. This can cut air conditioning costs by as much as 30%, all by simply making use of cooling forces already existent in nature. Plus, you don't have to sacrifice any cooling speed or power in order to significantly reduce your energy use.

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30 June 2015

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