Common Problems With Automatic Garage Doors

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The garage door is an important part of keeping your car and garage safe from a variety of threats, but it is an unfortunate fact that automatic doors can encounter issues that may lead to malfunctions. For those that have only recently purchased their first home, ti can be easy to overlook this part of the house, but after having a couple of questions answered, you should be in a better position to keep your automatic garage door running smoothly. 

Why Won't The Garage Door Close?

One day, your garage door may simply refuse to close despite there seeming to be nothing mechanically wrong with the door or opener. When your garage encounters this problem, the first thing you should check is to ensure the safety sensors are aligned and clean. If these lasers are not perfectly aligned, the safety system will activate, which prevents the door from closing. Often, the screws that hold these safety sensors in place can loosen, which may cause one sensor to sink lower than the other. 

If this is not a source of the problem, there is likely a mechanical issue in the opener that is preventing it from reversing to close the door. Due to the complexity of repairing a garage door opener, you should leave this task to a professional because an improper repair can ruin your garage door opener. 

Will Ice On The Garage Door Lead To Problems?

Ice storms are an unfortunate part of the winter months, and in addition to being unpleasant, these storms can lead to serious issues for your garage door. In a relatively short period of time, it is possible for a layer of ice to form on the garage door, and this can add a substantial amount of weight to the door. 

When the automatic garage door opener is used with ice on the door, it can experience a tremendous amount of wear due to the additional weight it is being forced to lift. To avoid this, you will need to scrape away the ice before using the garage door. If you live in an area where this is a common problem, you may be able to invest in garage door ice prevention systems. These systems heat the garage door to prevent the formation of ice. 

Keeping your garage door running smoothly requires you to be informed about some of the issues that these devices may experience. Having an understanding of the importance of not opening the door when ice is on it and ensuring the safety sensors stay aligned will help you to avoid routine problems with these doors. For more information, talk to a company like American Eagle Garage Door Services.


16 September 2015

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