Unclog The Submersible Pump Inside Of The Water Well On Your Property

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The submersible pump that is located inside of the well on your home's property can become clogged with debris if the cover over the well isn't secure. If this occurs, water won't flow steadily when you turn on faucets inside of your residence. Learn how to unclog the pump and clean its surface with the following steps so that it works properly again.

Use The Following Materials

  • adjustable wrench
  • industrial strength detergent
  • water hose
  • tube brush
  • bucket of warm water
  • mineral spirits 
  • rag

Disconnect The Pump And Remove Blockages

Turn off the power that is running to the pump before starting to protect yourself from getting shocked. Lift the lid to the well and look for the pump. Most likely, it will be located next to a portion of the well's interior wall. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the hardware that is attached to the pump. Lift the pump from the well and place it on a sturdy surface.

Use industrial strength detergent, a small amount of water, and a tube brush to remove debris that is stuck in the intake valve of the pump. This part can be found on the side of the pump and may have an arrow next to it showing which way the water flows from it. Remove the filter from the bottom of the pump. Place the pump and filter in a bucket of warm water and move them around with your hands to remove any pieces of debris.

Wipe Off The Surface Of The Pump And Rinse It

Use mineral spirits to remove any small particles or surface stains from the pump's exterior. Pour a small amount of the spirits onto a rag and rub it onto the pump's exterior. Once the pump is clean, rinse it off with a water hose and place the filter in the appropriate spot. Line up the pump inside of the water well and reattach it with the hardware.

Turn on the power to the pump. Inspect the faucets in your home to make sure that a steady stream of water is coming out of them. If so, the problem that you previously experienced has been resolved. In the future, make sure that the lid to the well is secure. If you are going to be cutting the grass near the pump, cover the lid with plastic sheeting or a tarp to prevent debris from entering the well and clogging the pump. 

If you're still having trouble with your pump, contact a professional like T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair for more assistance.


3 October 2015

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