Hard Water In A House: Helpful Things To Know

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Did you start experiencing dry skin after each shower in the house that you recently purchased? The reason your skin is suddenly getting dry is possibly due to your new home having hard water, but the problem can be fixed if you get a water treatment system installed. Discover below the important things you should know about hard water and getting it treated.

Why Is it Ideal to Get Hard Water Treated?

The most important reason why you should invest in getting the hard water in your house treated is to protect the plumbing system. Hard water is harmful to the plumbing system because of the numerous amounts of minerals that it contains. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium accumulate inside of the pipes and create a white substance called limescale that creates a blockage in the flow of water. Another reason to get hard water treated is to prevent limescale from building up on clean dishes and making them look dirty. You can tell when there is hard water flowing through a faucet because limescale can be seen on it.

How Is a Water Treatment System Able to Soften Up Hard Water?

The main goal of a water treatment system is to reduce the amount of minerals in the water. Basically, the system pushes the minerals out of the plumbing system by exchanging ions. The system makes use of salt to move the minerals out of the water and soften it up. The salt is only used in a small quantity, so you don't have to be concerned about consuming a lot of it when drinking water. As the mineral are pushed out of the water, they are sent to the system filter. You will have to empty the filter every now and then, depending on the specific water treatment system that you purchase.

How Much is a Water Treatment System Priced?

Be prepared to spend at least $400 on a water treatment system. However, the price will also be based on the capacity of water that the system is able to soften up. If you want soft water throughout the plumbing system and have a large home, you can end up paying up to $2,500 for a water treatment system. Getting the system installed by a professional will make the price go up higher. Hire a company like Valley Pump Inc or others to install a water treatment system in your house so your skin can stop being dry from hard water exposure!


28 December 2015

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