How Potholes Affect Your Life

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Potholes are everywhere in the US, and they cause a lot of damage, costing motorists time, money, and, in some instances, their health. Here are three ways that potholes can affect your life, and why you should always support road repair efforts in your community:

Vehicle Damage

Each year, US drivers incur $6.4 billion in vehicle damage from potholes. You have probably experienced some of this expense yourself, including repair costs for struts, shocks, or wheel damage. According to experts, you may pay as much as $2000 in repair costs due to road issues over the life of your vehicle. Bad roads take money directly out of your pocket. In some instances, you can be reimbursed for this damage from your city or town, but you will still suffer irritation and time loss due to these bad roads. 

Medical Complications

Ambulance drivers and EMTs report that potholes adversely affect the level of care they can give their patients in addition to causing their passengers increased discomfort. EMTs often have to insert IVs or complete other procedures while en route to the hospital, and bumpy roads can complicate their jobs. In the case of seriously bad roads, the ambulance drivers may need to take alternate routes that can delay your arrival at the hospital, compromising your care. 


Poor roads can adversely affect commerce in your community. Businesses are reluctant to locate in an area with poor roads, and consumers are likely to avoid them whenever possible. In addition, companies that rely on shipments from commercial trucking need reliable and easily navigable routes to and from their warehouses. Employees also need to get to work unencumbered by pothole-ridden roads and the traffic congestion that results from frequent lane closures and detours. Businesses cannot thrive without a good infrastructure. 

Although voting to support road repair may initially cost you some money in new taxes, you will save money in vehicle repairs. Every year, potholes adversely affect your car and lead to more trips to the mechanic. If you are ill or injured, bad roads can delay your care by impeding both the ambulance driver and your EMT. Finally, the economic health of your city or town may depend on having the kind of infrastructure that will attract and keep businesses. Good roads will improve the quality of your life. If you are interested in learning more about road repair, contact a business such as Bituminous Roadways, Inc.


15 January 2016

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