How To Protect Your Construction Site From Thieves

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When you are in charge of construction sites, whether renovating someone's home or building a new commercial office building in your town, security should be top-priority. There are a lot of items on a construction site that make it a target for thieves, such as copper piping, expensive tools and equipment, and various other building materials. Here are some ways to effectively protect the construction site.

Secure All Tools and Equipment

Start by finding a way to secure all of the tools and equipment on the job site. You should never just leave them out where you last used them the night before, assuming they will still be there the next day. For larger job sites, you can keep a locked trailer or temporary storage shed with a high-security padlock on it. If it is a smaller job site that you only intend to use for a few days, locking up tools in your truck's toolbox might be a good option as well. With heavy equipment, just make sure it is locked and the key is nowhere in sight.

Put Up Temporary Fencing

Another option available is putting up temporary fencing. This is often used with long-term jobs, such as if you are building a brand new home on vacant land or you are working on extensive building repairs meant to take a few weeks or months. There are different types of commercial fencing options that are quick and easy to put up and take down. They will not only protect the site from theft, but can reduce liabilities and ensure nobody in the area accidentally gets injured from flying shrapnel and other materials. A company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence can tell you more about construction fencing options.

Hire Security Personnel

For construction sites where there is a lot of high-valued tools, equipment, and building materials, you might be better off hiring security personnel. This is also a good idea for bigger jobs that tend to last longer than others. You are at a greater risk of losing business assets due to theft and vandalism, so it becomes necessary to hire security personnel. You can either hire a patrol driver who drives around the construction site every hour or so overnight, or a company that has standing guards that walking the job site all night and over the weekends.

Some job sites also call for security systems with video cameras and security alarms to deter burglars. Simply having a sign on the job site that states it is being monitored with security cameras can give a thief a reason to look elsewhere.


8 February 2016

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