3 Additional Costs Associated With Installing A New Boiler

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Many people rely on boiler systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. If you are thinking of replacing your existing boiler with a newer unit, it's important that you take the time to consider the costs associated with the boiler installation process. In addition to the cost of the new boiler itself, there may be some extra costs that you should be prepared to pay as well.

Here are three costs you should expect when installing a new boiler.

1. Expect to pay a professional to clean your heating system.

The installation of a new boiler presents the perfect opportunity to clean out your home's existing heating system. A mechanical flush requires the use of chemicals to clean out the interior surface of your home's pipes. This flush will allow your new boiler to heat your home efficiently, so it is an expense that shouldn't be overlooked.

Be sure that you ask your heating professional to provide a quote so that you can plan for the added cost of a mechanical flush.

2. Expect to pay additional installation fees if you will be changing your boiler's power source.

Boilers can be powered using either electricity or natural gas. If you have determined that switching the source used to power your boiler will make your new heating system more efficient, you should be prepared to pay for additional installation costs.

Adding a natural gas connection or having an electrician install a new outlet to plug your boiler into are costs that will be added to your repair bill so you need to make sure to budget for them.

3. Expect to pay extra if you are moving your boiler to a new location.

Many homeowners decide to invest in a new boiler as part of the renovation process. If you are changing the layout of your home and need to relocate your boiler to accommodate the new floor plan, you should plan to pay extra for the installation.

You may need to reroute some existing pipes or add surface pipes to ensure your boiler runs properly, and these added services will come at an additional cost. Be sure that you are planning for the extra costs associated with relocating your boiler as you budget for your renovations.

Installing a new boiler can be beneficial, but it's important to be prepared to foot the bill for any extra costs you might accrue during the installation process.


1 March 2016

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