Learn How To Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Large Walk-In Closet

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If you have a deep love of clothing and shoes, organizing them can be difficult in many traditional closets. The space in most closets is very limited and organizing shoes, accessories, and clothing in a neat and tidy way can often be nearly impossible. Fortunately, you can properly store all of your clothing and shoes in an organized way by transforming a spare bedroom into an amazing walk-in closet. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when creating the perfect closet to support your needs.

Choose the Right Room

The first thing you need to do is consider which room you want to use to create the walk-in closet. You want to be sure to choose a room that is located adjacent to your master bedroom because you do not want to have to travel through your house when trying to pick out what you are going to wear each day.

Have a Doorway Created

Next, you will need to hire a contractor to create a doorway from your master bedroom into the adjacent room. The contractor will be able to let you know if the wall where you want to have the door created is a load bearing wall. If the wall is a load bearing wall, changes will need to be made to accommodate for the weight that needs to be supported.

Have Shelving Added

After determining how and where the doorway will be placed, you and the contractor will need to determine what you want to store in the closet. You want to be sure you have ample storage added to the space for storing your purses, sweaters, and shoes. You want to fold sweaters and store them on shelves because the shoulders of sweaters can become ruined if you hang them on coat hangers.

Have Clothing Rods Added

After choosing where you want the shelving to be placed in the space, consider where you want clothing rods to be located. While you do want to make the most of the space, be sure that the rods are hung at a height that will be easy for you to reach. The contractor will know how to hang the rods so that they can easily support the heavy weight of your clothing.

Add a Large Mirror to the Wall

You want to be sure that you can easily see how your outfit looks each day and having a large mirror hanging in the closet ensures you can see how you look before you leave the space. Have the mirror hung at a height that allows you to see your entire outfit to ensure everything looks exactly the way you want it to work.

Once you have your amazing new closet, you will be able to find everything quickly and easily so that you can save time getting ready in the mornings. By properly storing your accessories, shoes, and clothing, your belongings will last longer because they will be stored in a safe and organized manner. Contact a business, such as Renew Construction, LLC, for more information.   


11 April 2016

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