Repair A Leaky Window With New Weather Stripping

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A leaky window can be annoying and result in a home that does not retain heat. Of course, the ultimate result is that you end up spending more money on your utility bills. Luckily, there are a few simple way to increase the efficiency of your windows. Perhaps the best way to make your windows more air tight is to change the weather stripping. This article explains how to remove felt weather stripping and apply new adhesive stripping.

Remove the Old Weather Stripping

You will need to put a little elbow grease into removing the old weather stripping. First, use a putty knife to scrape away as much of the stripping as possible. Be careful to not scratch the actual frame. Materials like painted surfaces and aluminum are at a greater risk of scratching. You don't want to rub off of the paint and end up with a bigger job. Once you have scraped away the majority of the stripping, you might need to rub away the rest of adhesive. You will probably need to use a degreaser or strong cleaning liquid to get rid of all the residue.

Apply the New Weather Stripping

Applying the new weather stripping is easiest if you buy paper-backed felt rolls. If you buy a product that is too thin, it will not add any insulation. If you buy a product that is too thick, it might be hard to open and close the window. Over time the felt will get flattened, so it is usually better to buy a thicker product and plan on it getting smashed down. These rolls are easy to apply on a clean, smooth surface. The key is to not cut the stripping before applying it. Instead, place it directly on the frame as you peel the paper away to expose the adhesive. Then, simply bend the stripping when you get to the corner. Do not cut it at each corner. This ensures that there are no gaps between the pieces. Each window really only needs to have one piece of stripping. When you get to the end, you can simply cut the stripping with scissors.

This simple job will only take a few hours. If your stripping is super old, it might come off the frame very easily. Removing the stripping and cleaning off all the residue is usually the most time consuming part of the job. Once that step is done, your installation will go very quickly. If you decide you'd rather have professionals repair your windows, contact a company like Hardware Plus Inc.


11 April 2016

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