Create A Backyard Fire Pit For Your Next Get Together

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Being able to enjoy a beautiful night under the stars with friends is an experience that you will enjoy again and again. The only problem with being outside at night is that the temperatures can sometimes get rather cool, making the party a bit on the cold side. Instead of wrapping up in bulky blankets, consider creating a beautiful fire pit to use on cold nights. You will be able to build a warm fire that will be safely contained within the pit. The guide below walks you through a quick and easy way to build a fire pit you and your friends can enjoy night after night.

Level the Ground

The first thing you will need to do is to level the ground. You want to be sure that the ground is as level as it can possibly be so that the fire pit sits flat on the ground when you are done building it. Use a shovel to dig up all of the grass in the area where you want the pit to be and then use a laser level to level out the ground. Place the level on the ground at one side of the pit and keep removing dirt from the area until it can shoot straight across to the other side of the pit. Once you can move the level all around the pit and have it shine from one side to the other, you will be ready to create your pit.

Position the Fire Pit Ring

You can go to any home improvement supply store and purchase a steel metal ring to place in the center of the fire pit. The ring needs to be made of steel so that it can withstand the high temperatures of the fire. The rings are available in many different sizes so you need to be sure to measure the pit that you want to create to ensure that you purchase a ring that is large enough to fit your needs. Take the ring back to your home and place it in the center of the area that you level. Press down hard on it so that it makes a guide in the dirt. Remove the ring and then use a spade to dig a trench on the guide that you created. You want to be sure that the ring goes down into the ground a few inches so that it does not easily topple over. Once the trench is dug, place the ring in it.

Create the Exterior of the Pit

Once you have placed the ring, you need to mix a bag of ready-mix cement in a wheelbarrow according to the directions on the packaging. Place a border of paving stones around the edge of the exterior of the steel ring. Add a layer of cement on top of the block and then stack more blocks on top of the cement. Be sure to stagger the blocks as you stack them to give the wall of the fire pit strength. Repeat the process until the blocks are flush with the top of the fire pit.

Allow the cement to dry for a few days before you use the fire pit. The pit will have a beautiful look to it and keep everyone warm during the cold winter nights. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Alpine Fireplaces.


24 June 2016

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