Four Tips for Preparing Your Children to Use a Storm Shelter

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Steel storm shelters are essential in areas of the country that are prone to tornadoes. The storm shelters offer a safe place for people to go during the storm to ensure that no one is injured during a catastrophic event. If you have a storm shelter, it is important to take the time to prepare your children for the time when they may have to stay in the shelter until a storm passes. Learn a few tips to use to prepare your children for a stay in a storm shelter with the guide that follows.

Make Frequent Trips to the Storm Shelter

A storm shelter is often a very small space that can be a bit scary to children if they have never seen it before. In order to make sure that your children are as comfortable as they can possibly be, be sure to expose them to the shelter as often as you can. Allow them to go into it, sit in it, and become comfortable with the space so that they are not fearful when a storm arises and they have to stay in it for an extended period of time.

Have Things to Do in the Shelter

When your children go into the shelter, you want to be sure that there are things for them to do so that they do not become fearful of the sounds they hear taking place outside of the shelter. Have travel-sized games, coloring books, and even handheld game players in the shelter to keep your children entertained.

Have Special Food in the Shelter

While you and your children are in the shelter, they may become hungry. Have special foods in the shelter that they do not get to enjoy often. Be sure to check the foods regularly to make sure that they do not expire.

Have Storm Shelter Drills

Be sure to have drills with your child to help them know what to do when an emergency occurs. Have a loud alarm or bell that you can sound to alert your children that they need to get into the shelter right away. Time your children after sounding the alarm to make sure they are getting inside of the shelter as quickly as they can.

These tips are not difficult to employ and can make going into the shelter less scary for your children. You want to be sure that you take the time to explain why the shelter is so important so that children understand why they have to go into it when a storm occurs so they do go into the shelter when needed with ease.

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24 June 2016

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