Why A Leaky Faucet May Be Costing You More Than You Think

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Just hearing a leaky faucet repeatedly drip for hours on end is enough to make you want to call your plumber for emergency repair services. Shockingly, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that upward of 5 percent of all US households currently have substantial, uncorrected water leaks. Although it may appear that the amount of water lost via a leaking faucet is small, the long-term ramifications can actually have a clear and negative impact on much more than your finances.

Leaky Faucets Offer Pests A Fresh Source Of Water

When pests decide to come inside and make themselves at home, most people make changes to their cleaning habits and seal up holes and cracks to eliminate their intrusion. The truth is that a leaky faucet may actually be a big reason why you have insects and vermin invading your home. With a fresh supply of water on-hand, some pests simply will not leave, no matter what other additional efforts you make. Between the money you'll have to spend on extermination and cleaning supplies, leaky faucets are a lot more expensive than many people assume they are. 

Water Waste And Utility Charges

Everyone knows that a leaking faucet leads to wasted water, and in turn, extraneous water usage charges, but few understand how much money this adds up to until the fateful day they receive their bills. Having your faucet leak constantly for a single day probably won't lead to an increase in your water bill, but think about how much water will have been wasted after 30 days. Considering the fact that many homeowners only receive water bills on a quarterly basis, it's clear that an unresolved plumbing leak may cause a substantial increase in water utility charges.

Mold, Water Damage, And Structural Problems

Leaky faucets are often completely ignored because they are seen as minor inconveniences, not potential health hazards. Some people simply see their faucets leaking, shrug it off, and never even contemplate reaching out to any professional plumbing services to get things checked out. Unfortunately, leaky faucets can indicate that your plumbing is faulty, and that there may be other unnoticed leaks nearby.

It doesn't take long for moisture to turn into mold, and for natural materials like wood and drywall to crumble. A leaky faucet can eventually cause ceilings to buckle, bubble, and completely fall apart. Since leaking faucets can present a risk to your health as well as the safety of your home, always have a professional plumber from a company like Towers Murray Plumbing properly diagnose and fix all water leak issues as soon as you notice them.


12 October 2016

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