Care Tips For A New Asphalt Driveway


A newly installed asphalt driveway can give your yard a rejuvenated look and add to the beauty of your home. To keep it looking great, you need to diligently maintain your investment so it isn't damaged early on. Typically, asphalt is soft and can easily get indentations, stains or cracks shortly after it is applied. Here is a look at steps to take so as to protect your new asphalt driveway from premature damage.

Give it time

A fresh layer of asphalt essentially needs time to cure properly. This usually takes several days, but it can take up to a week in hot weather. To prevent damage during this delicate period, keep off all vehicle traffic to avoid forming dents and depressions on the surface and avoid placing ladders, bike stands, or even ladders that could cause indentation.

To speed up the hardening process in extremely hot weather, you can hose down the driveway. You may notice some soapsuds form as you water down the surface, which is a normal and harmless occurrence when chlorine in your tap water reacts with the diesel fuel in the asphalt. 

Be careful when driving

Even after the driveway cures, it often still remains pliable for about six more months. During this time, avoid driving at high speeds or pulling in/out too fast, as this can cause scarring on the surface and make your new investment unsightly. Use smooth movements when your vehicle is in motion instead of making abrupt turns and avoid turning the wheel when the car is motionless. 

Be sure to also avoid driving near the edge of your newly paved driveway, as the wheels may straddle the edge, placing immense pressure that could cause cracking and denting. If your driveway is narrow, consider building up your lawn so it is level with and bordering the driveway. This way, your car's weight will be distributed between two surfaces if you drive on the edge of the driveway, possibly averting any substantial damage. 

Use these parking tips

To avoid placing damaging pressure on your new driveway, it is best to avoid parking heavy vehicles such as big transport rigs, campers, or garbage trucks on it. You should also avoid parking your vehicle on the exact same spot each day so as to spread out the usage the asphalt surface endures over a wider area. 

Should you notice any cracks or holes on your driveway, call in a paving contractor to make repairs immediately so as to prevent the damage from spreading. 


10 November 2016

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