Polished Concrete Flooring Care Tips

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Polished concrete is a simple flooring option that is big on style. Whether you have the concrete poured specifically for this purpose, or choose to make use of your existing concrete slab, the polished surface will provide both protection for the concrete and an attractive gleam. Although durable, polished concrete does have some specific maintenance needs. The following tips can help you care for it correctly.

Tip #1: Use only neutral pH cleaners

Cleaners that are too acidic can etch concrete, ruining the luster and leaving behind micro abrasions on the flooring. When mopping the floor, opt for a cleaner made specifically for concrete or stone, or at the minimum a cleaner that lists a neutral pH on the label. When in doubt, opt for mopping with plain water instead of using a questionable cleaner.

Tip #2: Sweep with care

Small abrasions can also happen from debris on the floor. If you use area rugs, they need to be shaken out regularly so that dirt doesn't get trapped beneath them. Also, use a large dust mop or a micro-fiber floor duster instead of a traditional bristle broom. Dust mops collect debris instead of pushing it across the floor, which will minimize the chances of abrasions on the polished surface as you sweep.

Tip #3: Don't use wax on the concrete

Waxing may seem like an easy fix for a dulling floor surface. Wax seeps into any minor abrasions in the polish, making it impossible to re-polish the floor without first removing the old coat of polish. If the floor is looking dull and cleaning doesn't bring back the shine, it's time to have the floor buffed and a new coat of polish applied. You will need to wait a couple of days before walking on or sweeping the newly polished floor.

Tip #4: Skip the adhesives

Tape and other adhesives will pull off the top layer of polish when you remove them, resulting in a dull spot. Do not tape anything to the floor, not even for a short period. If you have furniture with felt anti-scuff pads on the bottom, check the legs regularly to make sure the pads are properly in place and that the adhesive isn't exposed to the floor. If something does become stuck to the floor, soak it with a cloth dipped in warm water to loosen the adhesive. Don't use any abrasive scrubbies or acidic adhesive removers.

With proper care and a few cautions, your concrete floors can remain beautiful for many years without a lot of time consuming maintenance.


22 November 2016

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