Waterproofing Your Basement To Eliminate Damage Inside Your Home

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In most cases, a wet basement is completely curable, and waterproofing can be done by the homeowner to resolve the issue. There are some cases where that is not as easy, but there are contractors who can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Reclaim your basement and make it usable again with just a few steps. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a basement waterproofing contractor to take care of it, the benefit in resale value, usable space, and health benefits will make it worth the time and money.

What Causes Basement Water Leaks

In most cases, water leaking into the basement is related to the drainage around the house. When it rains hard, the water saturates the soil around the foundation and then seeps into the walls, finding any crack or path through it. If enough water leaks through the walls, the basement will become wet and, with enough time, completely flooded in worst-case scenarios.

Sealing The Basement Walls

There are sealers and products that can be painted onto the interior walls of the basement to help seal out water. What they do not do, though, is stop the water from getting into the concrete. The water will damage the concrete over time and cause it to deteriorate. Long term, the foundation will become weak and require repair, which could be very expensive and could have been avoided.

Excavating Around The Basement

In order to fix the problem properly, a contractor can excavate soil around the foundation and install new drainage that will help stop the water from building up. In most cases, they will paint the outside of the foundation with a sealer to stop water from getting into the concrete, should the drainage not be enough. In most cases, this will solve the problem and stop the water from leaking through the walls and into your home.

Health Concerns Related To Wet Basements

Water is bad enough, but the moist conditions in the basement can promote mold growth in the basement and the floor joists that are below your living space. In cases where there is a mold allergy in your family, this can trigger respiratory issues and illnesses just from living in the home. Extreme mold issues can even affect people who are not already allergic to the mold and become dangerous to the health of you and your family. Alternately, mildew can also become a problem if the space remains wet for a long time.


24 January 2017

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