Designer Tips For Selecting Window Coverings For Craftsman-Style Homes

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If you are in the process of upgrading an old craftsman-style home and are perplexed about how to cover the windows for your family's privacy, then you are not alone. The thick wood trim around craftsman-style windows looks great with some common window coverings and looks horrible if you try to use the wrong materials. For this reason, homeowners new to decorating this distinct style of home often become paralyzed by the various options and instead, end up leaving their windows bare or install plain draperies that end up looking out of place.

To make sure your home's new window coverings look great and stay in line with the arts and crafts style of the house, here are some designer tips:

Tip: Use Roman Shades Not Mini Blinds in Arts and Crafts Homes

Unless you want to spring for high-end, solid wood mini blinds that match the trim in your craftsman-style home, you should avoid installing this type of window covering. Both horizontal and vertical blinds look out of place in arts and crafts homes, and those made with vinyl, plastic, or metal will never look good in your home.

If you have your mind set on buying blinds, then go with solid wood or opt for Roman-style shades. Roman shades can be purchased off of the shelf at your local home improvement store, or they can be custom made with whatever fabric you choose. 

Tip: Use Macrame-Style Lace Curtains

If you want to hang curtains in your new craftsman house, then you should consider installing those made of a macrame-style lace fabric. This bold fabric would look out of place in many different styles of homes, but it looks fantastic in arts and crafts houses. Macrame-style lace is made with thick fibers and has large knots that make it interesting to look at and make it look like it was handmade. Since one of the main attractions of the arts and crafts style is the idea that things are made by hand versus being mass produced, so the lace fabrics fit in well with the style. 

Tip: Consider Working with a Professional Interior Designer

Finally, if you are like most people and interior design skills aren't something you possess, then you should consider hiring a professional interior designer, such as from Park City Blind & Design, to select your new home's window coverings. Designers are very familiar with craftsman-style homes and will show you window covering options that will all look great in your house.


24 July 2017

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