Common Problems When Roofing A Home Addition

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You are planning a major change to your home with the addition of an extra room, and expanded space, or even a roofed outdoor living space. There are all kinds of things you will be thinking about with this home addition, from matching up the exterior cladding to ensuring the addition is perfectly on par with the rest of the home's interior. However, there is one other tricky thing that can pose some issues, and that is the roofing. It can be hard to match new roofing to old roofing during a home addition. Here is a look at why that is the case:

The color hue of the roofing does not match up. 

Gone are the days when black was the only roofing color option. These days, depending on the roofing material, you can get just about any color under the sun in the roofing material for your home. While this is an awesome advantage, it can be really hard to match color hues when adding a home addition. Not only do color availabilities vary through the years with different manufacturers, the color of the roof can change and shift with exposure to the elements. This means that even if you do find the same roofing in the same color, it may not match exactly. 

The shingled pattern of the roofing is inconsistent. 

People see roofing as just another trade profession and all roofing contractors as the same. However, in ways, each roofer has their own individual installation methods and tools they use when installing a roof. Therefore, even with the same type of roofing and the same color, installation patterns can vary just enough to be a visible difference in the roof's appearance. This is especially true with shingled roofing, whether it is wood or asphalt shingles.

The same type of roofing is no longer available. 

Some forms of roofing have incredibly respectable warranties, so some do last decades before they have to be replaced. While this is an advantage, it can pose a problem when a roofing manufacturer no longer manufactures a specific type of roofing. When adding a home addition, this can be an issue for sure. In these cases, a contractor will work to find as close of a match as possible. 

While adding a home addition brings along property value increases for your home and added functionality, this change can bring about unique problems with your roofing. If you are planning an upcoming home addition project, contact a professional roofing contractor for advice. 


9 October 2017

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