Home Upgrades To Consider For Senior Family Members

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There are times when you may need to have a senior age family member move into your home. This is usually due to a health issue and you would prefer the family member to receive home health rather than move to a senior living facility. If you are having a senior age family member move into your home, you may want to hire home builders to help with some upgrades. Here are three of the upgrades you can have done to your home to make your family members stay more comfortable and safe.

Door Upgrades

One of the easiest upgrades you can make for your senior family member is to make some door upgrades. Traditional door knobs can be difficult for someone with arthritis to open. If it is a particular painful day, the door knob can become painful to open. Multiply that by multiple doors in the house and the pain level can increase greatly for your family member. You can make a simple change to lever doors that are easier for them to open with an open hand push so the family member does not have to cramp their hand to turn a knob. This reduces the chance of increased pain and can add a level of comfort instantly.

Flooring Upgrades

Flooring is something you may not think about with your senior age family member, but it can cause serious issues. If you have hard tile or slick vinyl flooring, you could be presenting a fall risk that can lead to broken bones or severe long term fall related issues. A home builder can step in and make flooring upgrades like carpeting, slip proof flooring, and slip proof rugs. This can make the walking area safer and offer a reduced chance of slips, falls, and body damage.

Bedroom Upgrades

There are several bedroom upgrades you can make for your senior family member. A home builder can install pull bars to help your family member get out of bed. They can also install an intercom system that makes it easier for them to contact you or another member of the household if they are sick and need assistance. Additional features can be added if there is an attached bathroom, such as safety grab bars, walk in showers with no lip rise to move over, and alert systems to help if there is a fall.

If any of these ideas sound like they would work for your needs, contact home builders in your area. They can give you price estimates and help with questions you have about the upgrades. They can also help you with the type of upgrades that may be available to you for your specific home and needs.


15 October 2018

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