4 Tips To Help Control Demolition Messes When Doing Major Renovations And Remodeling

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When doing major renovations and remodeling, demolition is often needed before work can be completed. Often, demolition work can cause hazards and big messes that must be cleaned up. Keeping demolition messes under control from the start will help ensure you do not have problems cleaning up a mess. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of demolition messes when doing major renovation and remodeling projects.

1. Installing Barrier Systems to Control Dust and Do Demolition in Phases

When doing demolition work, keeping dust and debris under control can be a challenge. Therefore, it is a good idea to use physical barriers and do demolition work in phases. Isolate work areas to prevent dust and debris from contaminating other areas while doing demolition work. If the demolition work you are doing causes a lot of dust, you will want to use plastic barriers and ventilation systems.

2. Ventilation Systems to Control Hazardous Dust While Completing Demolition

There are many hazards that you may have to deal with when doing demolition. Some of these problems may have to do with dust. To ensure dust does not cause problems when doing demolition work, use water to keep dust down when removing concrete and masonry outside. For the interior of buildings, use ventilation systems to remove dust from work areas while demolition is being done.

3. Dealing with Materials, Recycling and Disposal of Demolition Waste

One of the problems that you may have during demolition that you have to deal with is the materials that are removed. There are some of the materials that can be cleaned up and reused for incorporate environmentally-friendly recycling into your project. There are also waste materials that need to be hauled away; for this, it is best to rent a roll-off container to have the waste materials hauled away to the landfill.

4. Cleaning Areas to Prepare Them for Remodeling Work To Be Done After Demolition

When the demolition work has been completed, there is going to be cleaning to do. You will want to start by removing dust barriers and other measures to isolate the demolition space. It is important to remove all the materials from the work area. You will also want to sweep and look for areas that may need to be touched up before work can begin, such as loose edges and damage from demolition.

These are some tips to help you keep control of demolition messes when doing major renovations and remodeling. If you need help with preparing your renovation project, contact a professional demolition service to ensure messes do not get out of hand. 

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28 November 2018

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