Putting a Stop to Condensation on Your Home Plumbing System

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Do you have plumbing that sweats throughout the summer? Does your pressure tank form so much condensation that it drips all over the floor and puddles around it? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you reduce the condensation that forms and drips from the plumbing throughout your home.

The Pressure Tank

The pressure tank is filled with cold water, so when the warm air from your home meets the metal casing, condensation forms. So, the key to getting rid of the condensation is to prevent the two temperatures from clashing.

Measure the diameter of your pressure tank. Go to your local home improvement store and pick up an insulation blanket that is made for hot water heaters. Usually, the blanket will be too long for the pressure tank, but you can trim it up and make it fit more closely to perfect. You don't need the perfect fit—you just need to wrap the tank to keep the warm air from reaching the cold tank. This blanket will do that.


So many people make the mistake of not insulating the pipes that run through the basement of their homes. They might think that the lines only need to be insulated to protect them from freezing during the winter, and they won't freeze if they're inside your home. Well, the cold water that runs through those pipes causes the temperature of the pipes to drop. So, when the cold pipes are surrounded by warm air, condensation will form.

Pick up some foam insulating tubes from your local home improvement store. These are fairly cheap and very easy to work with. Just measure the pipe and the insulating tube, then cut the tube to fit and slide it over the piping.

Toilet Condensation

Does the toilet tank form condensation? That condensation will drip off of the tank and eventually cause mold and mildew issues under and around the toilet. To stop the condensation on the toilet tank, you'll need to lower the humidity levels in the bathroom. Do this by running the ventilation fan when you're showering or bathing and for several minutes after.

If that doesn't do the trick, you can pick up a toilet tank cover. The cover will prevent the two temperatures from clashing and the condensation from forming.

Talk with your local plumber to learn more about what to do about the condensation forming on your plumbing system.


7 January 2019

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