3 Reasons To Consider A Shower Niche

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A shower niche is an area within your shower or tub area that allows you to place shelving or a little nook right into the nearby wall. A shower niche is usually considered a premium feature, but it can offer a number of practical uses besides just adding value to your home. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider building a shower niche in your bathroom.

1. Never Get Into the Shower Without the Right Things Again

Have you ever absent-mindedly gotten into the shower and then once you are already wet, remembered that you forgot something important? Nobody likes the naked and wet walk back out to your closet to get a fresh shaving razor, a bar of soap, or a bottle of shampoo. With a shower niche, you will have as much room as you need to store all of your shower and bath essentials right inside the shower itself. It's simply a great way to add convenience to your daily routine.

2. Add Shelving for a More Elaborate Setup

A shower niche doesn't have to be just a little nook. You can build an elaborate niche that includes multiple shelves located at different levels. You could set up shelves designed to accommodate both Him & Her bathroom toiletries. Women may want to place a shelf lower where they will have easy access to the leg shaving essentials they will be bent over while using anyway. It's even possible to set up a waterproof radio or TV right in your shower if you really want to get elaborate with the setup.

3. Add Visual "Pop"

Once the actual niche is designed, you can then get creative with the colors if you want to add some visual "pop" to your shower. A well-designed niche with colors that jump out at you could serve as the new focal point of your bathroom. It's a great way to add visual flair to a premium feature of your home. You could even personalize it and instead of just adding your favorite paint color, use the space to create the logo of your favorite sports team or a graphic design that fits your personality.

If you want to add a premium look to your shower area, one way to do so is to build a shower niche right into the wall. A shower niche will add convenience to your daily routine and value to your home. Contact a contractor like M P T Enterprises today for more information.


22 February 2019

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