Are You On The Committee To Have Your New Library Built?

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If you are already an active board member of your library, perhaps you already knew that you'd be on the committee that would design the new library and then have it constructed. Or, it might be that you haven't been affiliated with your public library in the past. You might have the reputation of being a go-getter who knows how to formulate a plan and then make it happen. Whatever the situation, if you are on the committee to have your new library built, hopefully you feel that is an honor.

From establishing the library needs of your community to arranging for construction consulting services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Community Library Needs - Do you have a large senior citizen population in your town? Is there a senior citizen center? If there isn't a center already, consider having space in the library where senior citizens and others can hold activities. Think of other ways your library can serve the community.

For example, have rooms that can be designated for arts and crafts and have a classroom where things like foreign languages can be taught. In addition, think of having a children's reading nook as part of the design.

Construction Consulting Services - Once you have established the needs of those who live in your community, arrange for construction consulting services. Take your plans with you so they can be fine-tuned. For example, if you go with the area for senior citizens, the construction consultant might suggest that the center be slightly away from the main library building. 

The design of your building might also be tweaked. For instance, maybe you have included a front patio area with columns as the design. The construction consultant might suggest that an archway might add more interest to the building. In addition, perhaps the construction consultants will recommend building materials that will complement the other structures nearby. For example, maybe your new library is situated in an area that has predominantly Mediterranean style buildings. It might be suggested that your new library should also be built with a Mediterranean theme. 

Remember that the construction counselors have the training and the experience to give you good advice. When you bring your carefully planned ideas to the table, they will be respected by the consultant or consultants. That simply makes you a winning team, doesn't it? No matter what you decide together, be sure that you are on the same page so there won't be problems with the construction later on.


30 June 2019

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