The First Things To Do When Your Garage Door Breaks


When your garage door fails you, it can really ruin your day by sucking up time. You may not be a garage door expert, but now you feel as if you have to spend time fixing the door so you can park in your normal spot. These are the first things you should do if something is not quite working correctly.

Ensure the Garage Door Is Safe to Work On

The first step you should take is ensure that your garage door is in safe condition to work on. Unplug the door to prevent it from moving while you are working on it. If you want to work on the door when it is open, you will need to insert a set of pliers or something similar into the roller to prevent the door from falling.

Check the Hardware

Nuts and bolts loosen with use, so over the years you may notice pieces have fallen off the door. You may simply need to tighten them to see your door back in working order.

The roller is the next part of the garage door you should check. Rollers wear with time, and they can even chip. Fortunately, you should be able to spot most of the defects associated with the roller with a quick examination.

Next, look at the lift cable for any excess wear. The cable may fray, which causes broken strands. Moisture is a common cause of damage for lift cables, so your first step is to check those areas for damage.

Lubrication Is Your Friend

Lubricant is essential to keep your garage door in working order. Without proper lubrication, your parts will try to move against a harsh, dry surface. If you want your garage door to open smoothly and without loud sounds, you can spray lubricant on your chains and springs to ensure the garage door opens correctly.

Remember that the springs of your garage door are likely to corrode with time. When you lubricate your springs, you can slow or prevent corrosion to ensure that your door opens and closes safely and without a problem. If you hear or see a spring snap, you need professional help.

Hire a Professional

If all else fails, do not be afraid to call a professional. Professional garage door technicians see problems like your every day, and something that never occurred to you could be wrong. Call a garage door service today to discuss options for your door.


11 August 2019

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