3 Good Reasons To Have Your Large Homestead Property Surveyed Before You Build

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The homesteading life is all about stepping back to an older way of doing things. Homesteading involves raising more of your own food, tending to your own land, and being more self-sustainable without so much reliance on modern luxuries. Many people do choose to build their own homes during the transition process. If you are in the process of buying a large tract of land you intend to use as a homestead, there are really good reasons to have the property surveyed before you pick a building site. 

You may find out about mineral sources and rights on the property. 

Mineral sources are an excellent discovery on any property, and they are far more common than what a lot of homesteaders realize. If you buy a property that has a good mineral source and you have those mineral rights, you may choose to build your home in an area distanced from that site. You would not want to disturb the area because these minerals can be a valuable source for an extra income. For example, if you have a good cache of fluorite, you could harvest the fluorite, sell it, and help pay for the property. 

You will be informed of water sources on the property. 

One of your most valuable assets on a homestead is a natural water source. Whether it is a creek that runs through the property, a pond, or a natural spring, these are sources that are often discovered during the land surveying process. Even better, these sources will be marked on the end survey documents so you will have an idea of where to build your home. For example, if a creek on the outer edge of the property would give you access to a flowing water source to generate electricity with a small water mill, you may want to plan to build in that area. 

You will have clear borders to determine places for your livestock. 

The livestock you bring onto your homestead property will be a valuable implement. From providing valuable commodities like eggs and milk to helping you maintain your farmland, livestock will do a lot for your homestead life. Knowing where you can graze your livestock and where it should be kept will be a must, but this is also information you will want to know before picking a home site. For example, you may want your livestock placed close to a natural water source and in close proximity to your actual home, and land surveying will offer clear boundary lines so you can make the best choices. 

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25 February 2020

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