Designer Tips For Selecting Window Coverings For Craftsman-Style Homes

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If you are in the process of upgrading an old craftsman-style home and are perplexed about how to cover the windows for your family's privacy, then you are not alone. The thick wood trim around craftsman-style windows looks great with some common window coverings and looks horrible if you try to use the wrong materials. For this reason, homeowners new to decorating this distinct style of home often become paralyzed by the various options and instead, end up leaving their windows bare or install plain draperies that end up looking out of place.

24 July 2017

Well Water And Algae: Everything You Need To Know

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Algae is a type of nonflowering plant that does not really resemble any type of plant that grows on the land. Most often made up of a single cell, algae contains chlorophyll but does not have stems, roots, or leaves. Algae will grow in any source of water, including your well or storage container, if the conditions are right. Since algae is tenacious and fast growing, you can find yourself with an uncontrollable algae bloom in a matter of hours or days.

1 February 2017

3 Simple Ways To Test Your Well's Water Quality

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If your home relies on well water to meet its potable water needs, then it's important that you take the time to check the quality of your water supply on a regular basis. A well that isn't functioning properly could be pumping contaminated water into your home, and you need to be able to identify this contamination before it causes serious health problems. Here are three simple methods that you can use to determine the quality of your home's well-supplied water in the future.

1 February 2017

Waterproofing Your Basement To Eliminate Damage Inside Your Home

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In most cases, a wet basement is completely curable, and waterproofing can be done by the homeowner to resolve the issue. There are some cases where that is not as easy, but there are contractors who can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Reclaim your basement and make it usable again with just a few steps. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a basement waterproofing contractor to take care of it, the benefit in resale value, usable space, and health benefits will make it worth the time and money.

24 January 2017

Common Signs That You Need A New Tote Heater

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If you use a tote heater to keep propane tanks or other types of tanks warm, then you probably rely on it to help ensure that your propane is not affected by the weather. If you have been using the same tote heater for years now, however, it might be time to replace it. These are a few signs that you may need to buy a new tote heater so that you can protect your propane tanks during the winter months.

12 January 2017

3 Tips For Effective Gutter Repairs

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Having access to a functional gutter system ensures that water will not accumulate in the home of your roof. Since standing water can cause serious damage, keeping your gutter system in good condition should be a top priority. Here are three simple tips that you can use to help ensure your home's rain gutters remain fully functional well into the future. 1. Regularly inspect for cracks. Many rain gutters are made from aluminum.

13 December 2016

Polished Concrete Flooring Care Tips

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Polished concrete is a simple flooring option that is big on style. Whether you have the concrete poured specifically for this purpose, or choose to make use of your existing concrete slab, the polished surface will provide both protection for the concrete and an attractive gleam. Although durable, polished concrete does have some specific maintenance needs. The following tips can help you care for it correctly. Tip #1: Use only neutral pH cleaners

22 November 2016

Why A Leaky Faucet May Be Costing You More Than You Think

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Just hearing a leaky faucet repeatedly drip for hours on end is enough to make you want to call your plumber for emergency repair services. Shockingly, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that upward of 5 percent of all US households currently have substantial, uncorrected water leaks. Although it may appear that the amount of water lost via a leaking faucet is small, the long-term ramifications can actually have a clear and negative impact on much more than your finances.

12 October 2016

Diagnosing Hail Damage On Your Roof

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During a hail storm, your roof is at high risk of being damaged. A roof damaged by hail will not stop rain water from penetrating into the structure. This increases the risk of incurring damage to items inside your home, like furniture and other personal belongings. Hailstorms can be very destructive, depending on how large the hail is, how fast the wind is, and how much rain is pouring down. Keep reading to learn about the different factors involved in a hailstorm and how to identify these issues on the roof of your home.

23 September 2016

3 Tips For Surviving An Extreme Storm

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When extreme storms hit, there may not be anything you can do about keeping your basement from flooding--but there are certainly things you can do to help keep yourself safe during the crisis. If you would like to learn more about how to protect the well-being of yourself and your family in the event of catastrophic storms, read on. This article will present three safety-minded tips. Have the electricity turned off before entering a flooded basement.

31 August 2016